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Track & Trace

Track and Trace service is a very convenient feature that helps industries better program their production. The service provides an accurate and constant stream of information to the client of the location of their freight and the estimated time of arrival (ETA).

PEARL plans to go a step further by providing Security Locking and solid Proof of Delivery (PoD).
PEARL will provide a web platform enabling the client to get information of the exact location and status of delivery, set Geo-location fences which locks can be opened only through these location fences and alerts can be sent to specified email – addresses and phone numbers.
PEARL has already established a near real time GPS tracking system for all trains operated in Europe.

PEARL has developed and published an application for smartphones (IOS – Android) for rail-cargo tracking which can be installed following the links below:


Business Registry No (GEMI): 134836807000