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End to End

PEARL’s weekly Liner trains depart from Piraeus Container Terminal, to the respective city’s Intermodal Terminal (for efficient and safe interchange between road and rail transport). Each train is max 80 TEU capacity to any destination.

Intermodal Terminals

PEARL introduces a holistic approach for servicing the needs of the market, by setting up a sophisticated “Hub & Spoke” planning for rail terminals. A comprehensive network of reliable “end terminals” will serve the distribution of the demand in the selected area.
PEARL, through the extended rail network of Central Europe and the Balkans area, will achieve the minimization of road-legs by decreasing in parallel the number of kilometers on truck.

First/Last Mile

Destinations with a range up to 200km from the rail terminal can be served by road transport.
First mile is the transport from the client premises to the PEARL’s terminal. PEARL cooperates with Road Transporters and Rail Operators in the indented markets.
Last mile is the transport from the final rail terminal to customer premises.
PEARL cooperates with Road Transporters in the indented markets in order to implement door-to-door services.


PEARL closely cooperates with Piraeus Consolidation & Distribution Center S.A. (PCDC) for the provision of warehousing services.

PCDC is a modern facility providing Logistics services at Piraeus Container Terminal. It offers conditions that enable handling and storage of general/dry cargo, refrigerated & deep freezing products, flammable and chemicals.

Located within the free zone of the port, it provides many customs and tax benefits for those who use our infrastructure. No customs formalities are required for the receipt of incoming containers to our facility. With a simple and linear process, containers are forwarded immediately to PCDC after the unloading from the inbound vessel, to perform the requested operations. During their stay at PCDC, goods are not required to pay duties and taxes.

The operation of PCDC at Piraeus port is the natural gateway of goods from the Far East not only to Greece but also to countries in the geographical area of EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), making PCDC very competitive in serving multimodal transportation and in functioning as a hub through the on forwarding of inbound goods by sea, surface and air to EMEA region.

There is also the possibility of on forwarding by rail as the connection of the port with the network has been completed and is already in operation.

The aim of PCDC is to provide high-value services, competitive costs, using conventional and innovative ways of logistics, exploiting and highlighting the strategic location of the port of Piraeus, offering operation and transportation possibilities and solutions that redefine the map of freight transport in the region of EMEA.

More information on services offered can be found on

Ocean Freight

PEARL has developed strategic partnerships with several ocean carriers to provide world-class container forwarding, terminal & port end-to-end services by coordinating efficiently mass transit flows of global players in the market.

Operating in most international shipping routes and connecting principal ports in countries and regions across the world your shipment can be guaranteed all the year round, to any destination safely and timely.
Moreover, with freight agencies in Piraeus and other coastal & inland cities, PEARL can easily help you find the most benefiting port for your export shipment and a wider market.


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