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Quality Policy

The quality policy of PEARL S.M.S.A is summarized on the below

  • Consists the cradle of development for responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship in the Balkans and Central Europe, and more specifically in the freight transport rail market, providing our customers with highly added value services.

  • Applies innovative methods and actions for the creation of world-class pioneering services, ensuring the best coverage of our clients’ needs.

  • Takes over the management of the cargoes flow in order to promote Piraeus as the largest cargo services port in the East Mediterranean.

  • Owns strategic partnerships with key players in the global Logistics market, creating the prerequisites for a mutual business operating framework.

  • Maximizes the value and quality of the provided to the customers services through the skilled and experienced staff, the well-organized equipment, resources and facilities.

  • Exploits the capabilities and tools of the Quality Management System and is committed to continuously increasing the satisfaction of its customers by constantly consolidating and improving its effectiveness.

  • It is committed to support with effectiveness, ability and respect the environment, local community and state.

Our company’s fundamental targets are

  • The reassurance of the company’s viability and profitability and its contribution to the developing targets of the Piraeus port.

  • The constant development of our clients’ force providing them with complete reliable services and innovative solutions regarding their demands.

  • The targeted reinforcement of the company’s name and fame in the market.

  • The continuous improvement of the Quality System and the complete enforcement of the staff’s assessment and constant education and training of the employees.


Business Registry No (GEMI): 134836807000